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                 Crossing Borders

              Wolfgang Pietrek




A vivid kaleidoscopic picture of a young boy, whose infancy spanned the years of rising NAZI power, the perils of the war years, the challenges of the communist post war era and who in teenage years was seeking answers to how Europe once again found herself in mortal combat.


"I descended from the embankment down to the river and started wading slowly towards the middle of the river when suddenly I found myself targeted by a strong searchlight and was told by a loudspeaker to return immedately to the eastern embankment.With the western embankment only a few metres away should I simply ignore this command and make a dash for it?"

I am absolutely loving it - I overslept today because I was still reading it at 12:30am. I want to know what happens next! Your story is amazing and I like the conversational style with Joseph. I feel like I am eavesdropping on your meeting with him. I shall go to bed earlier tonight. The war has ended and the communists have moved in. I want to know how you got to Freiburg!!!




Wolfgang Pietrek Book Crossing Borders

Born in the old Hanseatic town of Rostock in 1934 his infancy years were spent in a sheltered family environment which remained untouched by the political turmoil which had by then engulfed the whole country. Having escaped the ravages of the war it was the post-war era in Soviet controlled East Germany which made him first face the

catastrophic consequences of Hitler's final solution and to begin to seek answers from his elders. It laid bare the frightening power of relentless propaganda which was in equal measure adopted by the new communist regime. It created in him a deep-seated distrust in doctrinaire political institutions which has not mellowed to this day.



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